Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Post-production- Evaluation 4

• How much of your text was ‘created’ only in post-production?
We mainly created our text in pre-production by selecting an effect on the camera before filming. The shots were cut and edited afterwards by using ‘Adobe Premiere pro’ and ‘Photoshop’ and then placed in certain places according to the lyrics.

• How much did you manipulate sync sound or create new sound for your text? What effect did that have on your text?

We only used the mp3 of our chosen song ‘Girl with one eye’ by Florence and the Machine which was about 3mins 55secs. We edited the volume obviously to suit the film clips as certain parts needed emphasis. It had a good effect simply using the original song and we were impressed with our edited footage so far.

• How much of your footage ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ (unused) and why?

There were a few shots we couldn’t use as our protagonists weren’t focused enough such as laughing when not meant to. Also, fight scenes which weren’t successful or merely just practises were left on the cutting room floor as we couldn’t do anything with them. However, they were good to use for blogging our progress.

• What technologies did you use to modify your raw material? How did this change the meaning of your work?
Adobe premiere pro was useful in putting all successful pieces of our footage together and made the meaning of our video become more prominant.

EVALUATION 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

To start with, we posted our music video on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. These seemed to get lots of response as it’s a very popular network and is today’s way of communicating with friends, we managed to get lots of friends who viewed our project and who also gave us criticism to help us improve our edit. This demonstrated media convergence as we brought different technologies together for our video.

Our video was said to have a slow ending which they thought could be speeded up. This was mainly because we didnt have enough music to fill the video we had created so we had to find ways of shortening our shots. In the end we all came to the conclusion to take on board the constructive critisism and adjust the ended so that it mirrored the begining with the whole 'light switch' and 'stereo' turning on theme. This worked well as throughout the video we had reversed shots and re-used them in various ways.