Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Screen Shots

Here are some of our shots we created in our pre-production and then in our post-preduction.

Friday, 21 January 2011

First filming

21st January

We set up the school studio to create a dull and run down bedroom for our main protagonist. The props we used for our mise-en-scene were mirrors, speakers, drugs cabnet/box, camp bed, bedlinning, cusion, make-up, dark clothing with accessories for the hair such as clips and neclace, and we also used make up to give the illusion of bruises and grazes.

To start with, I put some dark make up around Heidi's eyes to suggest sleepless nights and tiredness rather than being hurt. It was further on we added more make-up to the face and body to capture bruises. For this, the main products we used were plum coloured mascara for clotted blood, green, brown and cream eye shadow for bruising and tired eyes and eye liner for cuts on arms.

The quality of acting we recieved today was realled good and we were pleased with the amount of work we got done, especially fighting scenes which looked realistic on camera. The hardest part today was most probably the few shots of lip sinking, but I still thought our day of filming was a success. We will be filming again next week to finish scenes off and tweek parts of the film.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Email Heidi sent to island records

Dear Island Records,

My name is Heidi Lesiw. I am a Yr13 A level Media Studies student, and for my coursework me and my group want to make a music video for the song ‘Girl With One Eye’ by Florence + The Machine. I am writing to see if I could be granted permission to use the song for my coursework, which has to be published onto the internet probably using YouTube. We are not trying to gain anything from you just the permission to use the song, all credit for the music will be given to you the record company and the band. As we are just being marked on the making/filming/editing of the video not the actual song choice.

We would be truly grateful if you could give us permission for the use of this song as this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Heidi Lesiw
Ringwood School Yr13 Student

Schedule for pre-production

We are getting at the stage where we are nearly ready to start filming. After our audience feedback on our advert we still need to take on that advice and re do parts of the poster.

But we have decided we are going to take a day filming on Friday 21st January, for an all day shoot. We want to start in the morning, for Elliot to start to set up the photography room, then work through first two lessons with Heidi and Emily to get the base of the video until 11am, then when me and Emily have a lesson, Elliot and I will film and direct and the guitar shots will be performed by Lucy, so after lunch we can film Heidi and Emily again and then we can carry on until the end of the day.

Hopefully we can get everything done in one day but if not we have left the following Friday with a couple of double frees just for any extra touch up filming or extra shots that we have missed or need to add in.
After this hopefully we can start our post-preduction (editing and evaluating) of the pre-production process.

camera experimentation 1

camera experimentation 1