Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Post-production- Evaluation 4

• How much of your text was ‘created’ only in post-production?
We mainly created our text in pre-production by selecting an effect on the camera before filming. The shots were cut and edited afterwards by using ‘Adobe Premiere pro’ and ‘Photoshop’ and then placed in certain places according to the lyrics.

• How much did you manipulate sync sound or create new sound for your text? What effect did that have on your text?

We only used the mp3 of our chosen song ‘Girl with one eye’ by Florence and the Machine which was about 3mins 55secs. We edited the volume obviously to suit the film clips as certain parts needed emphasis. It had a good effect simply using the original song and we were impressed with our edited footage so far.

• How much of your footage ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ (unused) and why?

There were a few shots we couldn’t use as our protagonists weren’t focused enough such as laughing when not meant to. Also, fight scenes which weren’t successful or merely just practises were left on the cutting room floor as we couldn’t do anything with them. However, they were good to use for blogging our progress.

• What technologies did you use to modify your raw material? How did this change the meaning of your work?
Adobe premiere pro was useful in putting all successful pieces of our footage together and made the meaning of our video become more prominant.

EVALUATION 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

To start with, we posted our music video on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. These seemed to get lots of response as it’s a very popular network and is today’s way of communicating with friends, we managed to get lots of friends who viewed our project and who also gave us criticism to help us improve our edit. This demonstrated media convergence as we brought different technologies together for our video.

Our video was said to have a slow ending which they thought could be speeded up. This was mainly because we didnt have enough music to fill the video we had created so we had to find ways of shortening our shots. In the end we all came to the conclusion to take on board the constructive critisism and adjust the ended so that it mirrored the begining with the whole 'light switch' and 'stereo' turning on theme. This worked well as throughout the video we had reversed shots and re-used them in various ways.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The combination of my main product and ancillary texts is very effective as they use the same images and protagonists as in the music video which contributes to the verisimilitude of the text. It also contributes to the continuity because without using the same people for the main product and the digi pack, the products would not link together or flow very well. In my opinion, the aspect of the project which aids the effectiveness of the finished text would be our choice and use of images for the digi pack and ancillary text which "publicises" our main product. The poster captures the essence of what our video is about and by using the same characters it allows the audience to understand our project in more depth.

Together, they allow the audience to understand and create a narrative for themselves as we use enigma throughout our texts, by merely just suggesting why there is such hatred and rivalry between the two siblings in the music video. As a whole, without that particular sound track 'Girl With One Eye' our video would obviously not make sense as we've directed actions which link with the lyrics of the song.

Furthermore, little details such as font and colour we used all had a huge impact on how our audience viewed our finished product. As the blog describes, certain times we've had to make adjustments to our poster regarding to the font and writing which class mates described as "not suiting our genre of text".

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Digi Pack

Template for digi pack with images over the top

Completed digi pack

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Rent Poster

Kidulthood Poster

Requiem for a Dream Poster

Monday, 14 March 2011

Using conventions from real media texts: Evaluation 1

• In what ways have your productions used or developed conventions adopted from real media products?

As part of our research in the begining, i came across P.J Harvey and her music. I observed her videos and found that she dressed very feminine wearing floral patters, red satin dresses and leopard print which most express sexual desire. However, her music and the lyrics were very masculine and harsh which contradicted her image. Also, her video's are very busy but simple but more performance based rather than narrative based. She involves lots of movement and lip sinking as well as only involving one setting for the video. They all feature just her in one room where as other artists video's include various places to convey their narrative or message. Our video shows a mixture of performance and narrative based work as we show the story of the characters through the music. We tried to incorporate as many shots and angles as possible, especially close ups to convey facial expressions. We used extreme close ups for 'the eye' shots which linked with the lyrics 'girl with one eye' and the shot showed the eye open suddenly which added edge to the video. The representation of the video shows the stereotypical female- weak and powerless, but also challenges the stereotype by showing the other protagonist to be the one holding the power and authority.

• In what ways have your productions challenged or played with conventions adopted from real media products?

We've contrasted femanine and masculine products by having a violent and very cruel song choice but including femanine aspects such as the protagonists and the mise-en-scene. P.J Harvey was a huge inspiration as her lyrics link with Florence's and they have meaning and a narrative unlike some popular music today. Secondly, another influence of mine was Lady Gaga as she challenges coventions by being outrageous as well as have lots of meaning to her music. However, some may say she is seen to be following the footsteps of Madonna. All of her songs and music videos have a clear narrative and can easily be followed. 'Telephone' has strong links with our own music video as there is violence as well as challenging conventions of the female stereotype.

• In other words, is your work generic, or postmodern – or both?

In my opinion, I believe our music video to be a postmodern product as it challenges stereotypes which most of the 21st century music videos all have a similar story. Ours uses two female protagonists, showing one to be more violent and agressive as one would expect a male character to act.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Filming- make up and fight scenes in progress

Here are some shots of the filming in progress and our group working out techniques for the 'fight' scene and our make up designs.

To create these bruises and marks we used plum mascara and neutral eye shaddows including browns and blacks as well as lip stick. These helped create verisimilitude throughout the video as they looked very realistic.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Matador Record Label Artists

After researching into ‘Matador Records’ I found this band ‘Perfume Genius’ Just from looking at the album cover it reminded me of our video the dingy colours and even the physical hand gestures reminded me of our music video. After reading the write up about this band I realised there music portrayed similar themes of exploring the darker side to the world. Knowing that this band (although they are American based) is on ‘Matador Records’ makes me realise that this is the right independent record company to use if we were to branch off into American waters.

Band: Perfume Genius Album: Learning

Even though he is only in his 20s, Mike Hadreas, aka Seattle’s PERFUME GENIUS, has a story with the twists and turns of a person who has seen a lot of darkness. Hadreas explains: “I spent my whole life hiding from the things that happened to me, to my family and friends. The entirety of all these experiences: abuse, addiction, suicide, all that cool stuff, I couldn’t bear to look at it.”

This extraordinary debut album explores that world through home-recorded songs that bring to mind early Cat Power, Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Pink Moon-era Nick Drake. Mostly simple vocal and piano, the minor-key melodies work their way into your brain and stick there. “Mr Peterson" is the seemingly innocuous tale of a high school teacher turned inside-out. “Gay Angels' is a gorgeous soundscape of layered organs and synths. “Write To Your Brother' contains elliptical allusions to a mother treating a song “like a lover.' Hadreas’s life is a catalogue of remembered pain and sadness, and this album is an indelible testament to that.

Band: Belle and Sebastian Album: Write About Love

Back after a 5-year hiatus doing solo projects, soundtracks and more, Glasgow’s beloved BELLE AND SEBASTIAN have returned with one of their finest albums. Marrying the intimacy of early works like Sinister and Tigermilk with the production values of their more recent work, Write About Love is a varied, captivating and occasionally disturbing trawl through the mind of Stuart Murdoch and his colleagues. Tracklisting:

I Didn’t See It Coming
Come On Sister
Calculating Bimbo
I Want The World To Stop
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John
Write About Love
I’m Not Living In The Real World
Ghost of Rockschool
Read The Blessed Pages
I Can See Your Future
Sunday’s Pretty Icons

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

•How did your research into genre contribute to your production work?

My interest in Lady Gaga's excentric video's and messages put across really inspired me to find an interesting genre, such as abuse. Something which we dont think of happening to us and others around us, just a subject heard via the news. Her video's follow a predominate theme and all link which is something we all found inspiring and very eye catching. Our production work was continually inspired by Gaga's videos, just without the crazy costumes. We brought ours to a more 21st century, modern theme, although some may argue our set looks old which was the idea we were going for as the protagonist being abused was living poorly and being abused.

• How did your research into audience contribute to your production work?
We researched into the audience who listened to Florence and the machines music as well as similar genres which would be indie rock. We came to the conclusion our target audience would be Indi rock listeners, of a white British ethnicity and 17yrs+ of age.

• How is your research into institutions responsible for the production and regulation of the media influence in your production work?
At first the institutions we looked at were major record company labels such as Universal and Island Records (the record company Florence + The Machine are with) However we realised that these labels weren’t very specific to our genre and were very big companies that had a variety of artists under their name. After choosing a specific genre and target audience we had to find a record company that portrayed similar artists to our band ‘The Rivals’. We researched further into independent record labels, as this would be the best starting point for us to promote our single to and independent label before branching off afterwards to the bigger labels such as Universal Records. We found lots of specific record labels in America, such as ‘Bloodshot Records’ who based in Chicago have been able to keep their independence they are interested in fresh new Indie alternative rock bands that don’t conform to the original stereotypes and I thought this was a good match for us, however we carried on looking for British based record labels as we are an English group with a predominantly British target audience. Looking at ‘XL’ record label an independent based in the United Kingdom, although started off with artists like the ‘Prodigy’ they have branched out to take the best artists in their genres including ‘White Stripes’. This influenced our decisions to try something different in relation to the themes behind our video.
The Canadian-American band ‘Arcade Fire’ have also kept to their routes of not conforming to the major record labels but kept with the independent record label ‘Merge Records’ since they first began. The band often records its albums in its own studios, to exacting and personal specifications, and retains ownership of the music, which it licenses to Merge. Its previous two albums have gone gold, or close to it, and “The Suburbs” is expected to do the same, or better. This is the same type of exposure that we want our band ‘The Rivals’ to do and as ‘Arcade Fire’ sit in the same genre of and uses a record label focusing on the manufacturing of the product similar to the independent ‘Matador Records’ although these are American based record labels, this would mean we could branch out into the American market thus expanding our marketing techniques and receiving a bigger profit and larger amount of single sales.

•How has digital technology helped you to capture your ideas for media production?

Digital technology has helped considerably by allowing us to use effects in editing and use different cameras to get different qualities in shots. Also, the music video industry has given us lots of ideas to use to create our video. We watched lots of different music videos in preparation for this to see the angles which were used a lot to portray different effects and ambience. As you can see, I thoroughly studied Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Video which was my inspiration for my groups video.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Screen Shots

Here are some of our shots we created in our pre-production and then in our post-preduction.

Friday, 21 January 2011

First filming

21st January

We set up the school studio to create a dull and run down bedroom for our main protagonist. The props we used for our mise-en-scene were mirrors, speakers, drugs cabnet/box, camp bed, bedlinning, cusion, make-up, dark clothing with accessories for the hair such as clips and neclace, and we also used make up to give the illusion of bruises and grazes.

To start with, I put some dark make up around Heidi's eyes to suggest sleepless nights and tiredness rather than being hurt. It was further on we added more make-up to the face and body to capture bruises. For this, the main products we used were plum coloured mascara for clotted blood, green, brown and cream eye shadow for bruising and tired eyes and eye liner for cuts on arms.

The quality of acting we recieved today was realled good and we were pleased with the amount of work we got done, especially fighting scenes which looked realistic on camera. The hardest part today was most probably the few shots of lip sinking, but I still thought our day of filming was a success. We will be filming again next week to finish scenes off and tweek parts of the film.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Email Heidi sent to island records

Dear Island Records,

My name is Heidi Lesiw. I am a Yr13 A level Media Studies student, and for my coursework me and my group want to make a music video for the song ‘Girl With One Eye’ by Florence + The Machine. I am writing to see if I could be granted permission to use the song for my coursework, which has to be published onto the internet probably using YouTube. We are not trying to gain anything from you just the permission to use the song, all credit for the music will be given to you the record company and the band. As we are just being marked on the making/filming/editing of the video not the actual song choice.

We would be truly grateful if you could give us permission for the use of this song as this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Heidi Lesiw
Ringwood School Yr13 Student

Schedule for pre-production

We are getting at the stage where we are nearly ready to start filming. After our audience feedback on our advert we still need to take on that advice and re do parts of the poster.

But we have decided we are going to take a day filming on Friday 21st January, for an all day shoot. We want to start in the morning, for Elliot to start to set up the photography room, then work through first two lessons with Heidi and Emily to get the base of the video until 11am, then when me and Emily have a lesson, Elliot and I will film and direct and the guitar shots will be performed by Lucy, so after lunch we can film Heidi and Emily again and then we can carry on until the end of the day.

Hopefully we can get everything done in one day but if not we have left the following Friday with a couple of double frees just for any extra touch up filming or extra shots that we have missed or need to add in.
After this hopefully we can start our post-preduction (editing and evaluating) of the pre-production process.

camera experimentation 1

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