Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Further Edited poster

We took on board our constructive critisism from our class and decided how we could change it. We got rid of some of the un-needed writing which portrayed our video more like a film. Also, we kept the 'Rivals' font in the end as we used this font in our digi pack and thought it showed our design to be well constructed. However, our class thought our font was a rip off from 'Barbie' but we came to the conclusion it was well suited as it was girly, yet edgy and had a harsh effect to it with the rough edges. Another pier mentioned she thought it reminded her of the 'bratz' dolls title font which also complemented our product as our mean protagonist almost playes a brat as well as being violent as cruel.


Our mood board consists of our photos and searched images that have strong links to our music video and concepts. 


This was our first poster we created as a group using photos we took in our photo shoot which we then digitally manipulated on photoshop using various affects.
The band name was a concept of mine which took a lot of though. I came to the decision of 'Rivals' as it linked well to the songs narrative as it was about two siblings with a lot of rivalry and anger in their lives. Heidie and Elliot both aggreed it suited out record and label so we went ahead and used it for our digi pack.

We asked the class for some feedback and got given some constructive critisism about our layout and fonts we used which could be significantly improved. Firstly, we were told to remove the quotation marks as it seemed too gramaticially correct. After this it seemed we were using to much propper English and found removing them was a good idea.
Secondly, people mentioned that we had too much writing between the pictures and they thought it appeared more like an advertisment for a new film coming out. 'Dont miss your latest dose of rivalry' sounds more like a catchy slogan you would find on a tv advert or trailer/poster for a new film.
Lastly, 'Rivals' placed at the bottom of the magazine advert seemed more like the 'Barbie' brand signiture which is definitely not the look we were aiming for. Our peers suggested we change the font to something more striking such as an italic, swirly font and less bold but larger in size. We are going to take on board this critisism and improve our magazine advert for our digi-pack.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Story Board

I originally came up with the idea of an unusual music video suggesting abuse and violence to make it more interesting. Withing our group we mutated these ideas and came to an agreement on what we thought would work the best. Once we had all fixated ourselves on a concept, I then began working on the storyboards and writing down shots I thought would work successfully.

These are the story boards of our music video for 'girl with one eye'. There are 16 shots left to do where the music becomes more intense and takes a lot of shots to create to make it as original as possible. The music is more upbeat towards the end including drum and base instruments to intesnify the ambience of the video.

Using a mixture of shots help to capture great effects such as extreme close ups of the eye and pupil which have significant links to the music's lyrics. 

Final pictures and digitally manipulated versions for our music video

This particular photo shows an over shoulder shot in photo form with one protagonist with more authority than the other. This worked well because we use these shots in our story board and will have most scenes situated in the same setting.

The negative effect on her face has an unusual look where everything apart from her facial features has a blue-ish tint. I like this because it looks cold hearted and makes you wonder what the protagonist is thinking or feeling.

We created a mini photo shoot to take our photos for our digi pack and magazine cover and to experiment with effects and angles or positions to see what turned out most successful.
   As our music video has a very dark story line and the ambience is full of rivalry and hatred, we had to take photos in the style of this and re-create the setting as best we could in the schools facilities. For our mise-en-scene for the shoot we had our two main protagonists wear all black to show links with the theme. Also, our location was set in the photographic studio which we tried our best to accomodate the theme of our video by using props such as mirrors, lights and furniture. 

The lighting helped set differnt moods between the characters in these photos as it created shadows in various places and also related to our story line.